All moved in

With a project like a research centre, it can be difficult to pin point and exact ‘completion date’.  There is always follow on work to be completed as operations ramps up, and small improvements are made (with funds from a well managed budget!!) and operational equipment arrives.  In the case of the Livestock Research and Innovation Centre – Dairy Facility, Sept. 14 would be the most appropriate day to call the project complete.  Heifers from existing facilities moved into the replacement housing more than a month ago, but on Sept. 14, the final milking took place in the existing dairy, and the first full milking took place in the new facility. Over the past two weeks, the cows have adapted well to the rotary parlour, and the new free stall housing facility.  Several calves have been born in the new facility, and in the coming week, a group of cows will be moved into the VMS (robotic milking) pens.  Staff have now completely transitioned to the new facility, and are learning new routines and familiarizing themselves with new equipment.

The completion of the new Dairy Facility at Elora is the culmination of years of planning, design, review, refinement and construction, and an excellent example of cooperation between government, academia, and industry in development of a new research platform.

While this is the end of update posts on this blog, photos will continue to be shared on Twitter –  @milk1elora
Rotary parlour in action...

Rotary parlour in action…

Calf Nursery

Calf Nursery

Lactating cows adapting to their new housing...

Lactating cows adapting to their new housing…


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