Coming Together

Construction activity has increased significantly over the past month as equipment installation and interior finishes ramp up.  With just about every trade working at the site our General Contractors have their hands full managing everyone in the most efficient way!
Yesterday, the preparation for in-coming electrical service was inspected and approved, so connection to the grid can now be scheduled by Hydro One.  Heating and ventilation systems are being installed across all areas where structure is complete.  The pouring of the complex concrete floors in lactating housing and replacement housing continues.  Exterior concrete pads and grading is well underway, and the water supply wells have been drilled.  The complex milking system that integrates 4 separate milking systems and two bulk tanks is well underway, and will start to move quickly as wall and floor finishes in the mechanical spaces are complete.  In the staff centre, drywall is nearly complete, and tile work has begun in the change rooms.  As a reminder that fall is here and cooler weather is approaching, the propane supply tanks were installed yesterday – lets hope we don’t need them for many more weeks!
Main Lobby

Main Lobby

The main lobby is taking shape! South facing windows provide lots of natural light to welcome staff and guests.  The wall opposite the windows will be a recognition and information wall including video displays.
Maternity and calf rooms are taking shape

Maternity and calf rooms are taking shape

Standing in the alley between the maternity pens, looking south toward the calf rooms and calf feed prep room being framed.
There are lots of great photos on the twitter feed showing installations around the building check them out at @milk1elora.

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