Let the sun shine down

The sun is shining on the Elora Dairy construction site, which is ideal for construction during this very busy phase. On average 45 workers per day are on site, representing just about every trade. According to the schedule, the project is approximately 120 days to substantial completion.

From ground to roof there are many things to consider and account for during building. For example, when pouring concrete floors there are many complicated slopes and changes in elevation, which means the pours must be completed in many small sections rather than large areas. The floors along with placement of gutters and posts for gating and penning has been ongoing for the past several weeks in the Metabolic and Special Needs areas.

Replacement barn roofing progress

Last steel roof to be applied

The roof structure is complete throughout the entire complex. Shown above is the replacement barn, which is the last to have roof steel applied.


Lifts help reach the high places

The interior ceiling finishes are progressing quickly, taking advantage of the flat ground in the barn areas to finish ceilings and for high level electrical work. Once the curbs are poured through out the barns, the platform lifts will have limited range.

Lift fact: there are 10 of the large platform lifts on site like the one shown above, plus three boom-type lifts.


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