As the ground continues to thaw

equipment arriving April 7

Dairy Equipment is beginning to arrive (and will be securely stored since it is a little too early for parlour installation just yet!). This is the small 800 gal bulk tank – the primary tank (7,000 gal) will be delivered later.

Work on the Women's Locker room

This area will be the staff locker room for women. Just beyond the framed wall is the main lobby, with 3/4 height windows to let lots of natural light in. The general contractor is supplying heat to this area, which has thawed the frost in the ground allowing underground plumbing work to continue and the concrete floor to be poured.

work on the milk house

This area will be the ‘Milk House’. The primary bulk tank will be installed on an elevated slab, approximately 3′ above the finished floor. It is located very close to the exterior of the building in anticipation of the move to high volume low pressure pumps on future milk transport trucks. U of G and the design team worked closely with DFO in designing the ‘next generation’ milk house.


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